After the successful cooperation with our brick dealers, we decided to expand the capabilities of the platform. Thus, any business, regardless of size, can become our partner by offering certain discounts on its products to people/clients who own ISIKC.

1.There are 3 new buttons — “Our Partners” , “Become a partner” and a “Personal unique QR Code” .

1.1. Our Partners button shows the list of all our partners categorized by type of business.

1.2. Become a partner button is a Registration form, which is available only for accounts registered in the platform. So to access this new feature, first you need to have an active account with verified e-mail. Each new application goes through our listing team, that takes decision whether the business is suitable for our partner.

1.3. Unique QR Code in top right is , code of your account , that shows to our partner after he scans it , how big discount you get for his services/goods.

1.4. If you become our partner and start providing discount to ISIKC holders you will get one more feature “scanner”. It is only for our business partners and with this scanner you can scan the QR Code of the users and it shows you what is the discount they get on specifically your services/goods.

Listing on ISIKC Platform is absolutely free, but for getting listed,your business will be inspected by our listing team and if we have any questions we will contact you by the contact details you provide on the registration form.

Main advantages that you will receive as our partner :

- Marketing and brand positioning — Advertise your services/goods in front of the crypto world.

- 24/7 Technical support on the ISIKC Platform, so anytime ISIKC Partner Network department will personally assist you in solving any issue.

- Simplified rules for collaboration — We focus on your business success, not documentation.

- New target group of customers — Crypto enthusiasts . Daily volumes and total market cap of whole Crypto market:

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